Grow More With Less

Regenerative Natural Farming Course

Save time and money and join the revolution of growers who are letting nature do all the hard work.

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Why spend money on
what nature provides for free
Free Nitrogen
Expensive synthetic fertilizers aren’t necessary. Natural microbial processes can supply the land with unlimited nitrogen and other elements.
Free Irrigation
Irrigation costs can be greatly reduced. Your land can store it’s own water and retain high levels of moisture by increasing the organic matter content.
Free Herbicide
Eliminate the need for chemical herbicides by stimulating plants to naturally defend themselves against pests and disease.

Growing in harmony with nature requires less

Less Water
Each 1 percent increase in soil organic matter helps soil hold 20,000 gallons more water per acre
Less Fertilizer
Reduction of fertilizers will lower soil ph levels causing natural nitrogen fixing bacteria to propigate
Less Energy
Lower the usage of high energy consumptive machinery by abandoning practices such as tillage
We will show you how to create soil that enhances and sustains itself

soil food web

Establish a self perpetuating system that will enhance land fertility instead of degrading it

9 core inputs

Use effective and cost effective resources to prepare your field or yard

biochar production

Increase yields and reduce the amount you spend on conventional fertilizers

organic pesticides

Save the money you would spend on pesticides and let natural resources do your pest control

Excellent teachers with over 75 years of combined natural growing experience
James Samudio
Regenerative Agriculture Specialist
Jason Riessland
Level 3 Korean Natural Farming Teacher
Sheldon Smith
Natural Cannabis Cultivation Specialist
Start growing more with less
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3 day in person hands on intensive training