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An overhaul is long overdue. Modern farming methods have prioritized high yields with no regard to the health of the land. Regenerative Agriculture Specialist James Samudio describes the effects of this negligence.

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restore the land restore the food

Modern farms require significant amounts synthetic fertilizer because organic fertilization methods such as manure, cover crops and crop rotation aren’t being practiced. Inorganic fertilizers damage the microbial population of the soil which greatly impact the nutrient densities of food.

restore the food restore the people

Health problems deriving from food grown in microbial and nutrient depleted lands with the use of pesticides and herbicide is incalculable. Yes these techniques increase yields but at the expense of human wellness. A host of health issues such as cancer, asthma and neurological disorders have been linked to these chemicals.

Introducing Restoration Farmers

Viva City’s Restoration Farmers Initiative is aimed at correcting the malpractices of the agriculture industry and relieving the economic burdens associated with the rising costs of conventional fertilization techniques. With your help we can drive food prices back down, build the local food network, restore the land, food and people.

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The best way to support us right now is to become a produce pack subscriber.  With every produce pack that you purchase from us you are keeping small, local organic farms alive right in your own backyard.

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